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Parent / Student Handbook


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The Dress Standard is as Follows:

  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times

  • All shirts and dresses must have sleeves. Tank tops, tube tops, and shirts without sleeves are not acceptable.

  • Students will be permitted to wear shorts, dresses, and skirts, provided they reach the end of the fingertips or longer. (Splits in skirts/dresses/shorts must be below the fingertips.) Miniskirts, mini-dresses, and short shorts are not permitted.

  • Leggings, jeggings, tights and tights are NOT pants and must be worn with dress code appropriate shorts, skirts, and dresses 

  • Pants must be worn properly at the hips.

  • Low cut, see through, strapless, or backless dresses/shirts may not be worn.

  • No student should dress in such a way that his/her underwear is partially or totally exposed.  The waist and top portions of boxer shorts and briefs, bra straps and bra sides should not show.

  • No student may wear any jewelry, clothing, or carry backpacks which display or suggest alcohol, drugs, tobacco, weaponry, profanity, vulgarity, sexual innuendo, or scatological humor.

  • No student may wear any jewelry, clothing, or carry backpacks which display or suggest anything inflammatory or degrading to a particular race, creed, or culture

  • No student will wear trench coats.

  • Hats, caps or hoodies are not to be worn inside the building

  • No student may wear clothes with rips, tears, or holes 

  • Hats, headbands, bandannas, sunglasses, stocking caps, hoods, picks/combs, and other headgear are not permitted. Girls only, headbands and bandannas are only permitted as long as they are in the school colors (burgundy, black, yellow, white, or gray).  

  • Blouses, dresses, or skirts which expose the areas of the stomach, side, or back are not permitted.

  • Excessively form-fitting or loose-fitting clothing is not permitted.

  • Any clothing/jewelry or improperly worn clothing deemed gang related by the administration will not be permitted.

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