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Home of the Rams
"Chargin' Towards Excellence"

457 Ishman Ballard Rd.
Newnan, GA 30263
Phone: (770-251-0900)
Fax: (770-251-7344) 
Coat of arms 2.jpg
Coat of arms 2.jpg

The Pentecostal Church of God Christian Academy
Learning Center

"We walk by faith, and not by sight."

"Nationally Accredited"

Coat of arms 2.jpg
"School of Excellence"

Warranting Students to Impact the World Since 1986

School Announcements

Fall Break
November 21st - 25th

Final Exams 
December 7 - 8

Winter Break
December 14 - January 2


School Nutrition
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A Message from Our Leader



Welcome students, staff and parents to The Pentecostal Christian Academy!


As we commence this expedition of education, I reflect back and witness how far God has brought us.


As always, I thank Jesus Christ for the vision He gave to the Apostle Rev. W. J. Peterson.  He foresaw a Christian school wherein our children would receive a quality education and learn more about our Lord and Savior.  Likewise, honor is due to Bishop Eugene Rice for moving upon his vision with diligence and bringing to reality The Pentecostal Christian Academy.


Now, many years later, with the prayers and support of the parents, members and Bishop Staff of The Pentecostal Church of God, we continue to steadfastly stand on the foundation and doctrine of truth with Jesus Christ being the Chief cornerstone of love, patience and academic supremacy.


We are dedicated to the spiritual, educational, and emotional growth of the children entrusted in our care.  For this cause, we are here to humbly serve and welcome you.  God is with us!

Bishop James Stoudemire, Overseer, District 2


Bishop F. Key                              Bishop M. Nixon

 The Pentecostal Church of God Theme Song!

This is the Pentecostal Church of God.

We baptize in Jesus's name.

We have an Apostle in the church,

We believe in all the gifts.

There's no other church in town like this.


We don't believe in flying away.

We don't believe in pagan holidays.

Jesus is coming again one day, and with Him I want to stay.

This is the Pentecostal Church of God.


We get the Holy Ghost by laying on hands,

Just like the Lord commands, and

When the Holy Ghost is come, we will

Speak in other tongues, and interpretation 

is to understand.


We believe in the Kingdom to come.

We don't believe in going to heaven.

For the Lord has said, and we also have read, that on Earth

We'll have a New Jerusalem

Welcome to Our  School

  • We Believe every student has the right to learn and should be encouraged to work to their full potential

  • We Believe students should be provided with a variety of instructional approaches to their learning styles

M.V.P. Statement

MISSION: The mission of the PCA is to instill pride and respect for the Gospel of the Kingdom and to equip students with the essential skills of a comprehensive and quality education that will ensure preparedness in this world, and nurture the gift within for the building of God's kingdom.

VISION: The students attending the PCA will be self-motivated learners, who develop spiritual confidence and critical thinking skills, which will enable them to become productive individuals in society.

PURPOSE:  The PCA's purpose is to ensure that every effort is made so that there are provided diverse, relevant, and learning opportunities which will help the students reach their full God-given potential

Min. Robert Coates, Superintendent

Sis. Willa Dorn, Principal

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